About WildTalk

WildTalk has been set up to help people working with Australian wildlife on a volunteer or paid capacity.

It is design to provide an assistance program to support rescuers, carers and medically trained staff through times of illness, injury, or crisis that has an impact on mental health.

Established in 2019, WildTalk recognises a need to support the wildlife rescue and rehabilitation workers in unique ways. As such our service is provided independent of any wildlife organisation. Giving our clients the confidence to be open and candid.

Working with wildlife is a rewarding path in life. WildTalk recognises it comes with a variety of unique challenges and we are here to help.


How many counselling sessions do I get?

Each individual will be able to access up to 6 session per annum. However you must be working with Australia wildlife.

Does my issue have to be about wildlife?

No, you can talk about anything that’s been brought up by your work with wildlife. We’re aware that the animals are the least of the problem.

Who pays for the counselling sessions?

WildTalk is funded by private and corporate donations. The sessions are funded by them, however if you would like to contribute you absolutely can.

Please see the ‘GoFundMe’ below.

I'm a therapist, how can I help?

Yes, you can. Please register with Eudoxia. You will need to fulfill their registration criteria. This is so we can offer the carers we speak too the highest quality service by recognised professional counsellors, psychologists, and social workers.

I need to speak to someone now, can I?

Yes you can. Wildtalk is a 24/7 hotline. If you need to speak to someone immediately we can make that happen. You just need to tell us when you call. If it's not urgent, please let us know and we'll have someone contact you within a business day.

I'm not a therapist, but I'd like to help, can I?

Yes, you can. We are looking for volunteers to help with website design, marketing, fundraising and administration. Please contact wildtalkenquiries@outlook.com if you'd like to help.

I’m a student studying the population of native wildlife species, can I use WildTalk?

Yes you can. Just like carers you are eligible to up to 6 sessions per year.

Is the service anonymous?

No, but it is CONFIDENTIAL. This means you will need to provide some basic information about yourself. This information remains with WildTalk and is never shared with outside parties.

How can I support WildTalk?

There are number of ways you can support Wildtalk.

  1. You can like and share our Facebook page and Website.
  2. You can get involved if you are a therapist or mental health provider. Contact Eudoxia and register. You will need to fulfil their professional criteria.
  3. You can donate.
  4. You can share details of WildTalk to your friends, fellow carers and organisations.

How will my information be used?

Data collected will be your name, age, gender, organisation, who referred you and how long you’ve been working with wildlife. This information will be used only to secure funding and for research purposes. It will never be shared with outside parties or organisation.

Demographic data collected will be used for research by WildTalk to help us constantly improve our programs and securing future funding.

If you still have questions, please contact us by email only.

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